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The Joy of making, the pleasure of decorating, Fill your time piece by piece with an absorbing, satisfying activity.

Choosing your favorite image and while completing, you discover the expression of the artist's view. Completing each piece, and when the last one is put in place, you feel a sense of achievement. The joy of decorating a wall with the completed jigsaw puzzle. One jigsaw puzzle brings you such a lot of happiness.

APPLE ONE always keeps it in mind to develop original merchandise. We have released a lot of unique jigsaw puzzles such as 'Glow in the Dark Puzzles' which was a big hit, 'Thermo-color changing puzzles' which changes colors depending on temperature and ‘Gold Leaf Japanese Paper Puzzles’.

We also reproduce a lot of artworks, such as those of Chihiro Iwasaki, Seiji Fujishiro and SHU. You can enjoy choosing images from our wide selection.

You can look forward to APPLE ONE bringing you more unique and delightful puzzles in the future.

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Souvenir +(plus)

Souvenir +(plus) is the service in which APPLE ONE offers various kinds of merchandise to Museum, Zoo, Aquarium, Theme Park shops, etc.

We sell not only regular jigsaw puzzles, but plan and produce original puzzles depending on the kind of shop. Please feel free to make inquiries.
Please click ‘Contact Us’ button and choose ‘Souvenir +(plus)’.

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Souvenir +(plus)

Art Licensing

We represent SHU ; digital artist. If you wish to get a license for toys, fabrics, etc. Please refer to ‘Art Licensing’.

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Art Licensing