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About 'Glow in the Dark Puzzles'

The Glow in the Dark Puzzle was first released to the world in 1989 by Apple One.

By printing luminescent ink on ordinary jigsaw puzzles, the luminescent ink part stores light from sunlight and fluorescent lamps and shines for several minutes after turning off the lights. We design each image one by one by hand so that the pattern shines most beautifully.  You can also enjoy the images as ordinary jigsaw puzzles in bright rooms.


To enjoy Glow in the Dark Puzzles

  • Have sufficient light. Luminescent ink stores sunlight and light of artificial lighting. In places where the sun and UV light are not enough, puzzles do not glow in the dark properly.
  • Please view in the pitch-dark room. Even if the lights are turned off, in the environment where external light shines, you may not able to enjoy the Glow in the Dark puzzles.
  • When mounted in the frame, the jigsaw cover will cut UV light.  So please remove it to allow Glow in the Dark feature to work well.   The cover should also be removed when exposed to black lighting.