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Art Licensing

For Enterprise

We represent SHU, digital artist, for licensing. For inquiries from foreign companies, we will introduce our overseas agent. Please click ‘Contact Us’ button and choose ‘Art Licensing’.

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For Personal

Conditions of SHU Artwork Use by Private Individuals

For SHU fans, we permit the use of SHU artworks for internet blogs, and articles in SNS for personal and non-commercial purposes only. Please follow the instructions and acknowledge the goodwill associated with SHU images. (Do not use in any way that would jeopardize the reputation of SHU.)

You can only use the images privately and are not allowed to use them for mass reproduction or public TV. Amendment of the images (Cropping or changes) is prohibited.

You must acknowledge that the images are created by SHU and note :

Please link to SHU official site top page (
Also, please indicate that it is the SHU official site.

The use of the site for purposes against public order and morals is firmly prohibited.

SHU's Profile

Born in 1972. He was enthusiastic about painting in his childhood, and then he found an opportunity in the digital art field.
He worked at a computer game company as a graphic designer, and beside his work, he created his own website and released his original artworks on there.

He became a freelance artist as 'Fantasista of Color'. His works are released as silver accessary designs, jigsaw puzzles and lithographs.
His works are fantastic, with rich colors and subjects which are from an expansive view of the world.