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The puzzle pieces don’t fit well together. The remaining pieces don’t fit the remaining spaces.

If pieces don’t fit properly or don’t match the puzzle, it has been wrongly assembled.Even one mistake can cause this problem.

  1. Please confirm number of puzzle pieces with quantity on box (1000, 500, etc.) 
  2. Please check image and gaps carefully.  It might be helpful if you check the back pattern of jigsaw puzzle.
  3. Most of jigsaw puzzles are cut by vertical and horizontal blades as right illustration. The patterns of each are definitely connected.  When pieces fit together, the 4 corners should make a cross with no gaps. If the image has similar colors, you can refer to the patterns. Or if you have a difficulty with a specific part, you can leave it and go ahead with other parts. Then, it might be easier to complete with fewer remaining pieces. If necessary, please request a missing piece only after completing the puzzle. (Missing or Lost Pieces)